Past Activities

Water Testing on all Narmada Ghats (Embankments)

The water of River Narmada faces constant threat of pollution due to many reasons like urbanization, industrialization, agricultural run-off & improper agricultural practices and religious and unsocial practices. The water from the Narmada River is the only source of drinking water for the communities settled along the river banks. Due to consumption of this water, which is often contaminated, the community along the bank is at risk to water borne diseases of infectious (bacterial, viral or animal infections) or chemical nature (due to fluoride or arsenic content) which can also be fatal. Read more facts about best otc kitten dewormer. To create awareness Narmada Samagra in collaboration with Merck Serono India started a water testing project on all the banks of Narmada River. Under this project Narmada Samagra Volunteers on the banks of the Narmada River perform the water testing on weekly basis with the help of United Nations certified Water test kits (provided by Merck Serono India Ltd.), check the health of the water and report its usability on white boards along the banks for the communities to take note whether the water in that particular day or week is drinkable or not. With the help of Water Testing kits various chemicals (chlorine, chloride, fluoride, iron & pH) content helps to know the health of water. Water Testing personnel teach school students of Nearby schools to use the kit and do the testing which in turn create awareness among children as well as society. It spreads a message on preventive healthcare to the communities at large.

NRHI ( Narmada River health index)

In a meeting in Narmada Samagra recently a decision has been made regarding Narmada River’s health. Gen. Secretary of Narmada Samagra Mr. Anil Dave said in the meeting that Narmada is a Living water body. Just like a human being Narmada’s health should also be checked every year. He declared to publish a complete report on Narmada River’s Health every year on 15th June in the form of Health Chart (NRHI).

Research and development

The Narmada Samagra wishes to develop a research and development centre with the Aims of

  • Restoration and conservation of the river Narmada.
  • Development of international coalition for comprehensive development.