The governing body of Narmada Samagra Organization:


  • Shri Amritlal Vegad


  • Shri Karan Singh Kaushik
  • Shri Vishnu Khatri
  • Shri Anil Pillai
  • Shri Rajesh Dave
  • Shri Sachchanand Sadhwani


Shri Amritlal Vegad: Shri Amritlal Vegad is a noted Gandhian, studied from Shanti Niketan(West Bengal). He is a regular Parikramavasi of Narmada and its tributaries. He is a very good writer, an artist (collage painting). 86 year old Amritlalji is a good orator and awarded with Gyanpeeth for his excellent writing. He is trustee of famous art centre Bharat Bhavan Bhopal.

Shri Karan Singh Kaushik:Shri Karan Singh is a social worker work for under privileged people to make them self dependent by training them in different fields as computer, sewing, embroidery, jardosi and beauty courses. Around 5000 young boys and girls got trained and many of them are even in good positions in govt.

Shri Vishnu Khatri: Shri Vishnu Khatri is very active in social awareness and inspiration to many. He spreads awareness in education field among people. He is a member of MP legislative council. He acts for the welfare of schedule cast and schedule tribes in and around Bhopal.

Shri Anil Pillai: Shri Anil Pillai has his own business and he had spread awareness among the small scale industries about the water, air and sound pollution. He played an important role in shaping up the orphanage “Matrachhaya” and still a part of it. More than 150 orphan children have been placed in good families.

Shri Rajesh Dave: Shri Rajesh Dave has done a great work in health and medicine. He is a member of Bhartiya Vikas Parishad as well as a member of many respected social organizations. He is always interested in serving people. He runs a chain of medical stores in many hospitals.

Shri Sachhanand Sadhwani: Shri Sachhanand Sadhwani is a business man but at the same time a social worker and highly involved in social welfare of Sindhi community.