1. How can we find out everything about Parikrama?
    Pls visit FAQs in parikrma link, if your questions are not answered there please contact us or feedback us.
  2. Can we also send something we know about Narmada River?
    That is nice gesture. Please share your knowledge with us, if we find it relevant in any section of the web site we will try to incorporate it on site.
  3. When we send any feedback through site, does a real person reads it and replies?
    Yes. We see visitor’s feedback everyday and reply them within 24-48 hrs time period. Please send in your feedback, it’s valuable for us to improve.
  4. Can we get printable Narmada maps from your website?
    We do have a general Narmada River map under the link “Narmada Maps”. If u need more specific maps please let us know, we will see if we can provide you that personally to your email.
  5. I would like to visit Narmada Samagra Organisation personally. Is it possible?
    Yes, you are very welcome. The physical address is listed on “contact us” page. You can visit any working day between 11-6, or you can call us ahead to make sure there is someone to attend you and answer your queries in person.
  6. Does Narmada Samagra organize any tours of Narmada Rivers?
    No, we don’t organize any tours of Narmada, but if you like any specific information regarding visiting Narmada, pls call or send feedback to us.
  7. I am a photographer and I clicked quite a few pictures of Narmada River. Can I send them for review and if you like could you post them on web site?
    Yes, you are very welcome to share your artwork with us. And yes we might just post them on website. We will let you know once we review the photos.
  8. I write articles on rivers. I would like to send you those. Do you pay if you use any articles?
    We don’t have any facility of this kind yet, but we would like to see the articles, if we use them we can think about the payment as well.
  9. Where can we purchase Narmada Samagra book? Is it possible to download it from your website?
    The book is available on website to read but download is not possible at this time. If you like to purchase hard copy of the book, please visit Amazon or flipkart. You can also send in your order to use in by email. Once its available we will let you know and inform you about the payments and other details.
  10. I am interested to be a part of IRF. I would like to get inform before the festival so I can participate. Do you declare about it somewhere? How would I know about it?
    It’s nice to know that you are interested in participating in IRF. Yes we declare about IRf dates and place in advance on our website only. Keep visiting the site to be informed.