FAQs regarding Parikrama


Q: What is Narmada Parikrama?

Ans: Narmada Parikrama (circumambulation) is, walking alongside the river Narmada without crossing to the other side. This parikrama is started from Amarkantak (its origin) or Omkareshwar. Start walking in west direction, always keeping Narmada on your right side till Rewa sagar sangam in Kathpore village (Confluence of Narmada and Arabian Sea). After crossing this point, walk back towards the place you started. Click here for more information.

Q: What is Narmada Yatra (tour)?

Ans: Narmada Parikrama (circumambulation) is, walking alongside the river Narmada. Every other way of doing it is called Yatra (tour) i.e. making arrangements for food, stay and/or traveling by bus, car, bike, raft, boat or by air.Click here for more information.

Q: Difference between Narmada Parikrama & Narmada Yatra?

Ans: Narmada Parikrama (circumambulation) is, walking alongside the river Narmada. Every other way of doing it is called Yatra (tour).

Q: Types of Narmada Parikrama?

A: These are the main types of Parikrama: Mundmal Parikrama, Jalahari Parikrama, Hanumat Parikrama, Dandwat Parikrama, Markandeya Parikrama. Click here for more information.

Q: How much time does it take to complete Narmada Parikrama?

A: The standard period to complete Parikrama is 3 years, 3 months and 13 days. However, some people completes it in 180 days as per their convenience.

Q. Does Narmada Samagra conduct Parikrama or provide any assistance for Parikrama?

A: No! Narmada Samagra does not conduct Parikrama. We don’t provide any services at this time but you are very welcome to ask your queries through phone or email before you start. In near future, we will be coming out with a detailed informative booklet including maps.

Q: Are there any expenses involved in Narmada Parikrama?

A: There are various places along the way of Parikrama (Ashram, Temple etc.) where Parikrama vasis can stay and have food for no charge, but it’s advisable to keep some cash in case of emergency or any unseen situations or if you opt to stay somewhere on your own.

Q: Is there any other Yatra conducted by Narmada Samagra?

A: Yes! We conduct Paryavaran Panchkoshi Yatra every year in the month of November-December.Click here for more information on Paryavaran Panchkoshi Yatra

Q: Is it advisable to go alone?

A: No! However man may go alone but for woman and old people, it’s not advisable. Generally people should go in groups. Since there are deep forests and secluded path ways, it’s better to have companions.

Q: Which period is more favorable to go for parikrama.

A: Other than 4 months of Rainy season, Parikrama can be done throughout the year. Those who are already on their way can stay at some Ashrams, Math, day shelters or temporary huts made by themselves during these four months, called as Chatur mas. Click here for more information.

Q: What items shall I carry with me?

A: It’s advisable to take only required things for basic needs. Parikramavasis generally cover 10-12 kms a day on an average and it’s difficult to carry heavy luggage on your backs for such a long distance.