Current Activities

The Narmada Samagra’s activities include representing Narmada River’s environmental, water, heritage and sustainable development interests in a range of regional and international forum. Other activities are in their preliminary phase but gaining full support from the Narmada community, which acts as a motivating factor for the Narmada Samagra.

Chemical free lifestyle

If you see closely you will see our everyday products including food items are full of harmful chemicals. In particular, food items are culprit of the toxins from chemicals used in producing them during the cultivation and procurement. Fertilizers and other chemicals used sparingly and those end up in our body which in turn create serious health problems. We are trying to make Narmada River’s catchment area chemical free by promoting the natural ways of farming in that area by local farmers. Where it is almost impossible to think a life without toxins, its individual’s effort which can make it happen.

River Ambulance

An innovative project of ‘River Ambulance’ dedicated for the people on the Narmada banks in villages surrounding the Bargi Dam reservoir in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh was launched in the year 2011. It has a provision for a minor Operation Theater (O.T.), oxygen and also a cold storage for life saving drugs. Now it has started in Sardar Sarovar Dam area including Badwani, Dhar and Alirajpur.

The health services literally reaching the door-steps of people living in remote areas as the river ambulance can travel in 2-3 feet deep water too and hence can reach the very bank. It is equipped with a telephone connection that can be used as a helpline. In case of emergency, the raft can cruise upto a speed of 30 kms/hour. Click here for details ..

The Hariyali Chunari Project

This is an initiative towards restoration of forest and biodiversity alongside the river Narmada. During the project, plantation of various tree and grass species are being done on banks of the river. The plantation is being done according to the area specific natural biodiversity. Also the economic medicinal and environmental value will be taken in to consideration for plantation.

Awareness campaigns

The Narmada Samagra has planned to conduct various awareness campaigns in villages and cities located on both the banks of river Narmada, right from Amarkantak to Bharuch,for restoration and conservation of the river.

Cleaning of Ghats

On Indian (Hindu) new year ‘Gudi Padwa’ in the month of April, the Narmada Samagra launched a cleaning of Ghats program on 71 Big and medium size Ghats on both the banks of the river Narmada,from Amarkantak to Bharuch.

This program is being organized each Sunday, in which several people take part voluntarily to remove debris from the Ghats.