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     Narmada Samagra is a Non Profit Organization.

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Mission and Vision


Narmada Samagra’s Vision

  • Pollution free Narmada.
  • Check soil erosion in watershed, catchment areas and banks.
  • Development of catchment areas of Narmada and its tributaries.
  • Development of Narmada region as spiritual domain and not merely a place of amusement or tourism.
  • The water volume in Narmada and its quality must match the equivalent level of 20th century’s or more in the year 2047 when India will be celebrating 100 years of its independence.

Narmada Samagra’s Values

  • River is living body.
  • Ecological and cultural diversity
  • Inextricable link between nature and people
  • Continuous efforts and urge to keep catchment areas healthy and enriching the water volume and quality.
  • River is a single unit from origin to confluence, hence should be viewed beyond geographical boundaries of states and nations.
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