Get Involved

Get involved

If you like to get involved in environment and water conservation, there are many ways you could. Since Narmada Samagra is a non-profit organization, we do need support in all areas. Few suggestions how you could support us and get involved:

Helping from home
Getting on the field
Economic and resource support

Helping from home

  1. You could be a part of Narmada Samagra from your home also. You can try involving more people to work for environment protection and conservation.
  2. You can do the expansion and spread awareness among people and educate them on the same.
  3. If you are on a creative side, you can share your work, any creative, graphics related to the subject with Narmada Samagra. We could even use it on our website.
  4. If you are a researcher then you can share your researches on water conservation, aquatic subjects, catchment area of any river, and treatment of water, reservoir and forests.

We recommend you should spend atleast two weeks on the ground with us to understand the environmental problems practically.

Getting on the field

  1. You can be on the ground and taking active part in awareness programs or cleaning the ghats.
  2. Working on the catchment area of Narmada River to preserve the eco system.
  3. Swayamsevaks are working on the ghats on Narmada River to keep it clean, you can do the networking among field workers.

  4. You can actively participate in organizational working.
  5. You can do parikrama on foot to spread the awareness among other people.

Economic and resource support

You can share this social responsibility by giving economic support as well as by providing and facilitating the resources useful in any of the projects of Narmada Samagra. We have River ambulance project which is running in rural areas, reaching to the villages where health facilities cannot reach easily. It could use support for medical aid, doctors, medicines and other resources to carry on successfully. Many karyakartas are working on Narmada Ghats for its cleaning and taking care, you could offer them salary or any other amount to carry on daily operations or even buy them the tools and things they need to use in their work. There are many other projects which could use a helping hand, please contact us for further information.

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